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Over a Century of Christian  Service

The members of the Beulah Baptist Church look back on a history that has proven to be fruitful for over 100 years of existence. We therefore, pause to pay tribute to those who, in the past built a monument to our Heavenly Father for His goodness throughout the years and to those who made many sacrifices to preserve this heritage for us.

The Beulah Baptist Church was organized from a praying band led by the late Sister Dora Thompson in 1905.  The few that remained chose the name "Beulah" which means "the land of Israel" (Isaiah 62:4) or "land of peace" The church was dedicated in 1911 by the late Reverend Blackwell, Pastor of the Central Baptist Church at 23rd and Lombard streets, and Reverend Price was called to Pastor this congregation.

Inspired by God, the church grew in spirit and grace and on October 17, 1919, the late Reverend James F. Bolden was called to the church. Under his leadership the mortgage was burned on Thanksgiving Eve 1920.  As the membership continued to increase, it was soon decided that the present edifice was inadequate to accommodate the expanding congregation.  On March 26,1923, the Pastor, officers and members agreed to build a new church. On November 11,1923, the cornerstone was laid. On Wednesday, December 5, 1934, Reverend James F. Bolden was called home to be at rest with the Lord. The church continued without a pastor until May 31, 1935, when the Board of Deacons recommended Reverend John R. Henderson to the church. On June 2, 1936, Reverend Henderson was elected to the church as Pastor.  On Sunday, June 19, 1958, Reverend Henderson was called to Glory. The church remained without a pastor for more than a year and a half and was under the guidance of the Board of Deacons, chaired by the late Deacon J. D. Walker.   On Thursday, November 6, 1959, the church elected Reverend William A. Lee to be their pastor. He was installed February 21, 1960. The new pastor immediately found himself engulfed, along with the officers of the church, in a project of relocating the church from the Eastwick section to West Philadelphia because of the redevelopment program.  On July 16, 1963, the cornerstone was laid in the new church at 50th and Spruce Streets. During Reverend Lee's administration, property was purchased at 57th and Baltimore Avenue, and the mortgage for the present church was burned. Pastor Lee, at a specially arranged convocation service, was bestowed with the Degree of Doctor of Divinity by the Baltimore College of Bible and Seminary.   On August 17, 1976, God gently closed the pages of history and brought to a close the life of Pastor William A. Lee.

In March of 1978, Reverend Timothy E. Ruffin, a spiritual, strong, and God-fearing Christian man, became pastor of Beulah Baptist Church. He brought to the church the Bethlehem School of the Bible, which later became the New Life Bible Institute Missionary Training School.  Reverend Ruffin was responsible for the establishment of over thirty-five ministries.  After faithfully preaching the gospel for twenty years, the Lord called Reverend Ruffin home to be with him on September 8, 1998. God was faithful again in sustaining the church after so great a loss. The Deacons, Officers and members voted to install Reverend William Henley as their new Pastor, and he began his ministry as under shepherd of the Beulah Baptist Church in April of 1999. Having come through the ranks of ministry at the church since 1979, this enabled the Pastor and church to grow together without any disruptions.  The mission thrust has increased and additional ministries have been added to further equip and involve the members in the work of God.  God is constantly adding to this church regularly and we know that He will until Jesus comes.

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